Step 4 to the Marriage of your Dreams: Put a Guard on your Mouth & Mind!


This week I bring you the fourth step towards creating the marriage of your dreams. Missed Steps 1, 2 or 3? Click here to catch up.

Step 4: Put a Guard on your Mouth & Mind!

Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.

Proverbs 4:23 NLT

The word “heart” in that verse refers to the mind – your thoughts, belief systems and convictions. These are what determine your decisions, your choices, your actions, your habits and ultimately, the outcomes of your life.

Did you know: You see the world not as it is, but as you are.

That means two people in the exact same situation will see differently, react differently and have completely different outcomes.

So let me ask you this: How much time do you spend watching TV, or on social media? We live in a profoundly negative and immoral world, full of death, destruction and bad news. (Have you noticed how good news is rarely reported by the media? The news is full of death, destruction, terrorism, financial downturn…the list is endless!) Apart from the media, what sort of people do you hang around? Whose words are you listening to and allowing to shape your belief system? It’s very simple really: Garbage In = Garbage Out!

Aside from external influences, the biggest influence on your outlook on life are actually the words that come out of your mouth! Words are a powerful force on the earth. Do you know the bible story of Zacharias, the father of John the Baptist? When the angel showed up to tell him that God was giving him and his wife a son after many years of barrenness, he didn’t believe it. He questioned its validity and even began to speak against it: “How is that possible? I’m an old man now. My wife is old too!” What did the angel do? He struck him dumb! And he remained silent, unable to speak, until the child was born. The angel knew that Zechariah’s words had the power to alter and destroy God’s plans of bringing John the Baptist as the forerunner for Jesus. That’s how powerful your words are! They create your life experiences.

Incredibly, many people are happy to give voice to any passing feeling, thought or impression they have. They randomly dump the contents of their mind on their spouse without regard for the significance of their words and what they are creating with their words. Just because a husband acts in a way that disappoints does not make him a “useless man.” If a woman calls her husband “useless” “disappointing” “uncaring” “lazy”… long enough and that is exactly what he becomes to her!

Don’t let that be you. Be mindful of what comes out of your mouth. Speak words of life, not death.

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Hi, I’m Olawunmi.

I am a transformational life coach and I help purpose-driven Christians who feel dissatisfied or stuck in a rut to transform their lives by harnessing the wisdom and the power of God.

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