What to do when your husband doesn’t listen to you 

Women are intuitive. We just know stuff, deep within, even when there are no facts to back them up. A woman will usually “see” the outcome of a situation long before it happens.

Yet, I haven’t met a woman who has not experienced some level of frustration because her husband is not listening to her on a matter she is absolutely convinced about. In fact, Kenneth Hagin, the great man of faith, once said that he would have avoided many problems in life if only he had listened to God …and his wife!

Why don’t men listen sometimes? Well, there are many, many conspiracy theories but I shall leave those for now. 😀 Ladies, let’s focus instead on some godly ways you can respond to your husband when he doesn’t yet see what you see.

1. Pray

It might be tempting to argue, nag, make him feel bad, or even ban him from touching you until you get your way. But please don’t. Even if he agrees, it’s not Christ-like. And a man who thinks he is being controlled or manipulated by his wife may feel resentful and oppose her deliberately to prove a point. So, if  you believe your husband is making a wrong decision,  pray. If you’re right, God will show him. If you’re wrong, God will show you.

2. Empathise

Put yourself in his shoes. Ask yourself this question: how likely are you to jump off a platform blindfolded? Not very likely. You would at least want to see what you’re jumping into, right? But that’s what we’re really asking our husbands to do when they don’t quite see things the way we do; particularly on the big decisions. So be patient and allow him as much time as he needs.

 3. Be open-minded

Intuition or not, you’re not always right. Fact! Recognise and admit that (1) you may be wrong and (2) there is more than one way to skin a cat.

4. Let it go

If the wrong decision will lead to a consequence that is mundane, insignificant, or only mildly inconvenient, my sister, don’t stress about it. Let it go and enjoy your life. God has called us to peace. 😎

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