What do you wear at home…and does your husband hate it?

Once during an interview, Dolly Parton said she always dresses up at home around her husband (including hair and makeup). Her reasoning was that if she goes to the trouble to dress up for strangers in public, why wouldn’t she get done up for her husband?

Wow. That’s seriously dedicated. I’m not sure I’ll ever get to that point. You see, I’m not a style guru to start with. Clothes aren’t really my thing because I HATE shopping. To top it off, I, like most people, want to be comfortable in my own home. So I will happily choose comfort over style when it comes to dressing, especially at home.

When I come home from work, church, etc., the first thing I want to do is change into something comfy. Most times this happens to be a bubu. For those who may not know what a bubu is, it is a long, flowing gown made from simple African print. It looks like a sack, scores zero points for sexiness, and I love it! I own quite a few in different shapes and sizes, to my husband’s utter amazement and dissatisfaction.


I remember the first time I wore my beloved bubu in our new home. Husband dearest looked at me curiously and said: “What’s that?”

“It’s a dress.” I answered innocently.

“Really?” (His intonation spoke volumes 😂)

“Yes. You don’t like it?”

He grunted a reply and let it be. Taking that to be his approval (Well, truthfully? Not really! 😀), I carried on in my bubu-wearing bliss, occasionally interrupting it with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, or a dress.

But then, there were the not-so-subtle hints I couldn’t continue to ignore without feeling like a rebellious wife. For example, he bought me a couple of very nice casual but stylish dresses that I probably wore just once before condemning to the back of the wardrobe. At other times, there were good-natured comments about how the bubu is “shapeless” and “hides everything!” Lol.

What’s a girl to do?🤔 Well, since it’s highly unlikely I will transform into a “Dolly Parton” overnight, the simple adjustments will have to do for now. Little by little, more shapely dresses and casual wear are now replacing my beloved bubus. The sacrifices we make for our husbands, hey? 😀

So… ladies – do you dress up, dress down, or dress the same when you are at home? Comments and suggestions very welcome. C’mon, help a sister here 😉 Join the conversation by leaving a comment on the post or on Facebook.


8 thoughts on “What do you wear at home…and does your husband hate it?

  1. Hmmm,now my eyes are opened,so i have to consider style even when am indoor, but wait oh,after the whole foundation and powdering thing, body magic and all the packaging, you want me to still come and dress all up for boo, hmmm,God dey sha oh😏

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  2. I dress down at home – spaghetti tops and shorts(I can sweat for Africa!). No complaints from my beau. What gets him is the hairnets at night! Then the one Sunday I decided to leave my church ensemble on with make -up and all was the last time I tried such a tedious experience.


  3. Very funny but true. I have picked dresses i wanted to wear just so I could feel comfortable at home but husband darling didn’t like those choices. Indeed, we have some sacrifices to make when it comes to style and fashion for the sake of peace. 😁😁😁😁

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  4. This is so funny😂😂 “to my husband’s utter amazement and dissatisfaction”. He even asked “What’s that?”🙈
    Obviously this is grown-up people conversation so I will just sit here and read and take notes😅


    1. Ah at least you don’t have a hair net as well!!!(you know the type that can accommodate every single strand of hair no matter how much attachment or weave on you use!)

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