I’m married. Now what?

Shortly after my wedding, I read in Denis Waitley’s Seeds of Greatness that “every completion means a new beginning”. That statement got me thinking for a long time and made me realise that whenever I enter into a new phase of life or begin something new, I enter as a novice regardless of how much expertise I had at the previous level.

Here I was, a  mature newly-wed (How old was I when I got married? Here’s a clue: I had school friends that had been married for almost fifteen years when I did 😀) with many accomplishments in career, business, ministry, and as a mother. But an 18-year-old, married for as little as six months had more experience and practical knowledge about the complexities of marriage than I did. Boy, was that a tough pill to swallow!

Take Jesus for example. In Matthew 3 he (the Son of God!) went to John to be baptised. It seemed so ridiculous that even John tried to stop him. But Jesus understood that he had to humble himself and submit to the one who had gone ahead of him, even though he was greater than John. And what was the result? He received the anointing to go forward and prosper in the new season he was entering into.

I realised that it was easy to – either through pride or a lack of understanding – bypass the learning process necessary for a new season (career, marriage, parenting, etc.) and insist on applying the same old methods one is used to. This usually leads to frustration and lack of productivity.

So, I came to the conclusion that the knowledge and wisdom I had acquired from previous life experiences may help, but it was important to have the mentality of a student in this unfamiliar territory called Marriage. And guess what I did? I picked up my phone (Whatsapp chats, Kindle books, phone calls…) and I began to learn from those who had gone ahead, with God’s word as the measuring line for what to imbibe and what to discard.😎

2 thoughts on “I’m married. Now what?

  1. Once married..Then what? 🙈 It failed lamentably leaving bruises, scares and unanswered questions still after 2 decades of better outcomes in other areas of life.
    Your last 2 paragraphs have settled the matter… and answered my questions.
    God bless you for sharing. ..

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